Your clients hate the MLS listing emails. That's why we created a better solution for agents.
June 6, 2021
Most MLS property drip emails look terrible. Look at this email from CRMLS:

As an agent, do you think sending emails like this to your clients makes your brand look good? 

It doesn’t. 

And top-producing, brand conscious real estate agents know that. It’s a poor, impersonal experience. The emails are ugly. They don’t have enough info about the listings. Clients have to click into an archaic MLS interface to see details. Zillow and Redfin send clients far better “New Listing” emails than this. 

So why would clients actually want to open your MLS emails? They wouldn’t. 

Not to mention, some clients prefer texting and don’t open email as often, and MLS property drips don’t have a texting option. 

All in all, if your property alerts to your client aren’t good enough, the client won’t turn to you for new listing notifications, they’ll turn to Zillow, Redfin, and the like.  You won’t be the source of truth. 

We made Spindrip for the agent that’s not okay with this poor client experience. 

The Spindrip agent cares about their brand, they care about the client experience they’re providing, they care about being the source of truth to their clients, they absolutely never want a client telling them about a new listing they found on Zillow, they want stay top of mind with all of their current and past clients, and they want to spend their time wisely, on the clients that are actually interested in buying now. 

So what do these top producing agents do instead? They create elaborate workarounds to sending MLS property drip emails, like sending clients Zillow and Redfin links, which have their own downsides. 

In this article, we’ll discuss those downsides and then introduce our app, Spindrip, that let’s agents fix these problems with the default MLS property drip emails and send clients beautiful, functional, listing notifications by email or text in a modern, easy to use interface that makes the agent look amazing in front of their clients. 

Let’s start with what agents are doing today to avoid sending MLS drip emails. 

The Lengths Agents Go To Avoid Sending Bad MLS Property Drips to Their Clients

We’ve spoken to many agents who know the MLS drips give their clients a poor experience and have gone to great lengths to update clients on new properties without sending MLS emails. 

The most common process is to: 
  1. Send a listing notification drip to themselves (the agent)
  2. Identify properties that each of their buyers would like
  3. Manually text or email them a Zillow or Redfin link to that property

We’ve heard of dozens of variations of this process, like agents setting up Redfin alerts to themselves, then forwarding or manually texting properties that could be a fit to their clients. 

But the core process is the same: the agent gets alerts to themselves first, then sends a Zillow or Redfin link because the MLS links are too old fashioned, too archaic, and too poor of an experience for a modern buyer (who is used to the well-designed sites like Zillow and Redfin). 

But these workarounds have downsides. 

Why Sending Zillow or Redfin Links to Clients Can Also Hurt Your Brand (And Potentially Lose Deals)

Yes, Zillow or Redfin links look better to the client than an MLS listing page. But it’s not a great solution and doesn’t make your personal brand look good for a few reasons.

Problem #1: Ads for Other Agents 

First, every Zillow and Redfin listing page has ads of other agents on it. By sending them a link to a Zillow page of a property you want to help them buy, you’re sending them to a page that has this “Contact Agent” button that will connect them to another agent (who is paying Zillow) to show them the property: 

Redfin is the same. Their button is called “Schedule Tour”: 

This tour, of course, is not with you, it’s with a Redfin agent. 

“But My Client Knows They’re Working With Me”

Some agents say they’re not concerned about sending clients to Zillow or Redfin because they have good loyalty with their clients. That may be true, but even then, it’s just not a good look for a top producing, brand conscious agent. 

Plus, clients may not be aware of rules in states like California that say that the agent who shows a client a given property gets to represent them if they want to make an offer on that house. So even if your client intends to be loyal to you, but they just happen to get a showing with another agent, that agent, not you, would have to represent them if they make an offer on that property. 

Problem #2: Zillow Doesn’t Have the Latest Information 

Secondly, if you’re using Zillow to send clients listing notifications, what do you do with Coming Soon listings that might be sold before they even reach Zillow? 

You’ll need another option in hot markets or anytime you want to send Coming Soon listings that aren’t on Zillow yet. 

To deal with this, most agents resort to sending the poorly designed MLS emails or just taking screenshots of photos and manually texting the client and explaining the details to them. 

Redfin, being a brokerage, does have more up to date information but again, sending clients Redfin links when you aren’t a Redfin agent is like sending your clients to a competitor's office to learn about a new property. You wouldn't do that so why do you send them to another brokerage’s website? Again, it doesn’t help your brand to do this. 

Problem #3: You Have Little to No Visibility Into Which Clients Are Engaging With Property Drips

Finally, Zillow and Redfin want to have a direct relationship with your client, including encouraging your client to get property update emails directly from them. When they do this, you end up having little to no visibility on what your clients are looking at. 

You don’t know which clients are really active and opening every email and clicking on a bunch of properties versus which are slower and not likely to actually make an offer anytime soon. 

In fact, this is a problem with regular MLS property drips as well: no visibility into which clients are opening and clicking and which properties they are clicking on. 

All of this means clients end up searching for properties themselves, away from the agent, using 3rd party sites as the source of truth, which makes their agent less important

Access to the MLS Should Be a Massive Advantage for the Agent 

The MLS of course has the latest information on new listings the moment they are uploaded by agents: 
  • New listing? The MLS has it first.
  • Price reduction? The MLS has it first.
  • New photos? The MLS has it first.

If an agent could send notifications directly to their client from the MLS that exactly matches the client’s criteria, the moment it’s on the MLS, in a beautiful, agent-branded email or text, and the agent could see which clients are opening which emails and clicking on which properties…

Then the client would have no need to rely on Zillow or Redfin, the agent would become the single source of truth for listing info for the buyer. 

Even better is if the client could have a website or app on their phone, branded to their agent, where they could search for properties themselves, with listing data up to date like the MLS. The clients would never have to use Zillow again

Their agent would become their trusted advisor, and their source of truth. The agent would look amazing

Now, You Can Do Exactly This With Spindrip

Spindrip is a platform for agents to get direct access to their MLS’s data the moment it becomes available on the MLS (not a delayed IDX feed), and be able to setup property drips for their clients that look absolutely beautiful on any device (phone, laptop), is branded to them (the agent), and can be sent by email or text. 

Beautiful Emails Branded to You

Here is what a Spindrip email to your client looks like compared to the CRMLS email above: 

The Spindrip email on the right is actually much longer than the image above shows. It has all photos and all essential property details in the email itself, so the client doesn’t have to click on anything or go to any website to see everything they need about the property to decide whether it might be a fit for them. And when they do decide, they can reply directly to you, the agent to discuss or ask for a showing. 

For example, the Spindrip email has complete descriptions of the property: 

 All property photos - yes the clients can see every single photo right in their email: 

And all other essential information that has been uploaded into the MLS for that property will be in the Spindrip email.  

Filter Emails or Add Personal Notes As You Wish

For situations like a particularly high end client where the agent only wants the client to get very specific property emails (not a broad search with multiple options a day), the agent can have emails go to themselves first, then with a couple clicks, forward emails they do think the client would like and optionally add a personalized note for the client: 

Send Property Drips by Text Message Too

For clients who prefer text instead of email, you can send the same thing over text too, and the client can reply directly to the text to chat with you about the property. 

Agents Can See Exactly Which Clients Clicked on Which Properties

Then, on the agent dashboard, you, the agent can see which buyers are engaging with your emails and which aren’t, so you know which ones are serious: 

You can also see overall stats for each of your property drips to see which drips are getting the most engagement and by whom: 

For those engaged clients, you can see exactly which properties they viewed, and how often, so you can reach out and suggest a showing even if they never emailed or called you about it.

A Better Way to Use the MLS

Beyond just notifications, we designed Spindrip to be a near complete replacement for the MLS interface for agents

Most MLS-es are designed for the 1990s and are hard to use. Spindrip takes the data in the MLS and lets you access it in a modern, easy to use interface: 

In particular, the MLS is almost unusable on mobile -- agents have to be at their computer to look up properties or create new property drips for clients. Spindrip, on the other hand, works just as well and looks just as good on your phone.

An App for Your Clients, Branded to You

Finally, clients can even install an app on their phone with your branding on it so they can search properties via your branded app instead of going to Zillow or Redfin. 

Above we’re showing a hypothetical app branded to the agent’s headshot installed on a client’s phone. When the client wants to search for properties, they can just click on that app and search Spindrip with property data that’s as up to date as your MLS, and far more up to date than Zillow. 

This is a massive branding and marketing advantage for agents. 

All of this is possible with Spindrip and the top producing agents that are using it love it. 

You can try it for yourself, free for 30 days. Set up as many drips as you want for as many clients as you want, and see whether you or your clients want to go back to using the MLS: Try Spindrip Free for 30 days.