Send Beautifully Designed, Automated Property Drips to Buyers Via Text and Email
  • Property data via direct MLS connection, faster than Zillow, Redfin, and IDX
  • Get your own branded app to put on client’s phones
  • Gain insights into which listings your clients view and favorite
  • Stay top of mind with more clients, and ultimately close more deals
My Realtor
Your Client's Phone
What do you think about this one?
That property is in the school district you wanted but probably too small for your family.
A few hours Earlier
I love this house! Let's put in an offer at ask price immediately!
Tired of Listing Alerts that Hurt your Brand? Send Property Drips Your Clients Love.
You can’t afford to send the same ugly, MLS drip emails to clients that everyone else does.
MLS email to clients
Hard to read
None of your branding
Poor client experience
Spindrip email to clients
Beautifully designed
Tailored to your brand
Client’s can see all photos and property details
in the email, no need to click through
Send Drips Automatically by Text Message Too
MLS notifications get emailed only. Spindrip drips can be sent automatically by email or text message. No need to manually check the MLS, copy and paste and text clients of new listings.
My Realtor
Your Client's Phone
Thanks for your time today! I will set you up for text alerts based on the criteria we discussed. Have a great day!
Ok, that sounds great! Can't wait to get the hunt for our dream home started!
A few hours Earlier
I like it! Let's get a showing appointment for this one
Ok I will reach out to the listing agent and call you to coordinate!
A few hours Earlier
This one is a little too far west for our school district
No worries, I will exlude that area from our search settings
A few hours Earlier
I love this house! Let's put in an offer at ask price immediately!
See Which Properties Your Clients View or Favorite
  • Get better insight into what types of properties your clients like
  • See which of your buyers are engaged and active and reach out at the exact time they click or like a property
Let Clients Search for Properties With An App Branded to You on Their Phones
Spindrip includes an app branded to you, the real estate agent that clients can put on their phone to search for properties. This app:
  • Pulls listing information directly from the MLS
  • Has new listings updated faster than Zillow and Redfin
  • Keeps clients in an app associated with you, where they aren’t encouraged to reach out to other agents for showings
My Agent App
A Better Way to Use the MLS
Spindrip is more than a listing notification and drip tool. It's also a better way to search the MLS: Modern, photo-rich, easy to use, and works perfectly on your phone.
Standard MLS Interface
Most MLS systems are barely usable on mobile
Results are text heavy, less photos
Hard to use, old fashioned maps
Spindrip MLS Interface
Beautiful, photo-rich interface
Works exactly the same on mobile as desktop
Modern, easy to use maps. Find properties near
you, or within any shape you draw
A Direct Connection to the MLS, Not an IDX Feed
Spindrip does not use an IDX feed like Zillow or other consumer sites.
We have a direct VOW (Virtual Office Website) connection to the MLS which means we have 100% off the data in the MLS, instantly when the MLS is updated.
What agents have to say
"I rarely use the MLS anymore, I just use Spindrip for all property searches, it’s so much better"
Scott Lameraux
REALTOR® 01955184
"I love that it pulls directly from the MLS, including coming soon listings which Zillow and Redfin don't. Speed is extremely important in this business."
Kara Karns-Domic
REALTOR® 01244662
"It just looks so beautiful. Client's loved the emails, they said it was so pretty. It's way more aligned with my brand."
Chelsea Elder
REALTOR® 01999820
"Once I started Spindrip I've never looked back. I haven't even sent one MLS search without Spindrip to my clients in over a year."
Media Moussavy
REALTOR® 01946821
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